Flodellagenturer AB was founded on a winter’s day 1993. I was young and hungry for more after getting a taste of the textile business during a couple of years of hard work.

Now I was ready to be independent and wanted to conquer the market. I quickly understood the values of being different, having the messaging clear on what you want to achieve, and having a confident style and approach.

Moreover, and most importantly – being a strong brand ambassador: not selling what the mass craves today, but adding knowledge, insight and value on tomorrow’s brands and products. In essence, I believe in perfectionism and quality in crafts, and excellent service putting my clients and their commercial wellbeing in the first room.

The Flodellagenturer hallmark is having a positive mindset, surrounded by fantastic ambassadors  –  embracing personality, high end design, value-for-money high qualitative manufacturing, and selling commercially strong products for everyone to wear.  Sustainability is today a trademark that we have to take care about, therefore

i have chosen brands that choose to  produce mainly in Europe.

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My philosophy is simple: We love our clients, we love beautiful design and highly qualitative products, and we love our market when they are wearing our merchandise, and we are proud when we make people happy.
”Courage-heart-focus / Coraje y corazon.”

 Flodellagenturer AB have been ambassadors for many well-known brands since the start in December 1993. The journey started with Filippa K as the first assignment in the agency, proudly followed by the launch of below renowned brands:


 Filippa K, Depart, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, by timo, Creatum, Illegal, Ellegal, AJ Project 117, Campomaggi, Liu Jo, Ellus, Colcci, Le Temps de Cerise, Mesdemoiselles, True NYC, Gabba, Andersen&Lauth, Superdry, Munderingskompagniet, Buddha Royal, Mellow Rose, Silver Black, Freebird, Lavand, Darling, Uno de 50, Lola Espeleta, Bianco, Desigual, Knit Sthlm.

Current Labels:

Lois Jeans, Molly Bracken, Marenas, Five dream atelier, Save my Bag, La Fee Maraboutee, Leon and harper, Artlove.