Flodellagenturer AB was founded on a winter’s day 1993. I was young and hungry for more after getting a taste of the textile business during a couple of years of hard work.

Now I was ready to be independent and wanted to conquer the market. I quickly understood the values of being different, having the messaging clear on what you want to achieve, and having a confident style and approach.

Moreover, and most importantly – being a strong brand ambassador: not selling what the mass craves today, but adding knowledge, insight and value on tomorrow’s brands and products. In essence, I believe in perfectionism and quality in crafts, and excellent service putting my clients and their commercial wellbeing in the first room.

The Flodellagenturer hallmark is having a positive mindset, surrounded by fantastic ambassadors  –  embracing personality, high end design, value-for-money high qualitative manufacturing, and selling commercially strong products for everyone to wear.  Sustainability is today a trademark that we have to take care about, therefore

i have chosen brands that choose to  produce mainly in Europe. Some have exceptions due to pricing.

journey? [story telling] personality

 Flodellagenturer AB have been ambassadors for many well-known brands since the start in December 1993. The journey started with Filippa K as the first assignment in the agency, proudly followed by the launch of below renowned brands:


 Filippa K, Depart, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, by timo, Creatum, Illegal, Ellegal, AJ Project 117, Campomaggi, Liu Jo, Ellus, Colcci, Le Temps de Cerise, Mesdemoiselles, True NYC, Gabba, Andersen&Lauth, Superdry, Munderingskompagniet, Buddha Royal, Mellow Rose, Silver Black, Freebird, Lavand, Darling, Uno de 50, Lola Espeleta, Bianco, Desigual, Knit Sthlm. La Fee Maraboutee, Five dream atelier.


Current labels.

Lois Jeans               #loisjeansofficial

Molly Bracken       #mollybracken_officiel

Les tricots de lea   #lestricotsdelea