The business group dedicated to the manufacture and sale of textile products and garments made had its beginnings in 1952, with the aim of making working clothes. The company evolved to specialize in the manufacture of denim clothing. Lois was established in 1962 and soon became one of the best known of jeans in Europe alternative movements championing the street brands. In Spain Lois championed the world revolution TexMex jeans. It became a very emblematic and well known brand around the Spanish market, facing a mostly dominated by American brands market. In the early 70’s Lois became the most successful brand of the moment, both nationally and internationally. Later in the 80’s the Texan was no longer exclusive to young people from 24 to 35 years, and was extended to men and women of all ages, improving sales of the brand.

Today during a couple of years we have been able to relaunch Lois in a modern way not as an traditional jeansmaker, more as a fashion brand that have new interesting cuts, fitting that are excellent and more over fabrics from the top weavers in Europe.  We love Lois.