Marenas is a trademark produced in Spain. It is an artisanal product, which means that they are made by all the rules in relation to a hand-made product. The shoes are produced carefully from natural materials, which not only results in the popular design but also leads to them being extremely comfortable. Marenas is therefor the perfect pair of summer shoes!

Marenas sandals have their origins in the rural world of a small Mediterranean island in the balearic archipelago (Spain), where a great part of the gorund is very rocky. The farmers needed strong, flexible and at the same time, simple footwear in order to get good results from their land. Although the exact date of origin of the sandal is still unknown, there are indications that the Carthaginians who traveled through the island around 200 B. C already were wearing similar footwear. In the 18th century, the farmers and fishermen were already making sandals for themselves and members of their families. The Archduke of Hapsburg, Luis Salvador, historian, writer and scientist described them as the typical footwear of people in the country in his work entitled ”The balearen” which described the characteristics of the clothing of the islands..”They are made of suede from the animal skins and sewn in their homes”

In the 20th century there was a change due to the appearance of the rubber tire. Once worn out and unusable for vehicles these tires were recycled and used to manufacture the soles. The rubber from tires was a scarce material but very appreciated for its strength and resistance to the humidity in the fields. They also began to use the canvas recycled from carriages and boats. All the manufacturing was artisanal, from the tanning to the finishing. The sewing requires great effort; it is all done by hand, with a thick waxed thread and a needle punch. In that moment, the ”rustic sandal” already had all the elements that define it still today. From the 1960’s on, this footwear, so typical of people in the country, was becoming the summer shoe for great part of the population of the island. And in the 80’s the first artisans appeared who distributed it to rest of the country; thus converting this style into a classic and essential summer accessory ideal for the whole family.