The CAMPOMAGGI Brand was born in 1986 as a collection of handmade handbags, unique, unrepeatable, with a vintage look. Timeless bags which are not consumed within a season, but acquire value with the passage of time, because “time doesn’t take anything away, it rather enriches.”

Fashion designer Marco Campomaggi inherited his artistic flair from his father, who was a sculptor. Since he was a teen-ager he showed not only manual ability and aesthetic sense, but also a concrete character and strong belief in his skills, qualities which led to his early works realization. During the high-school years he started to manufacture his first models of bags, at the beginning almost for fun, using saddle leather and metal studs, selling them to his school mates and on the seaside sidewalks.

His creations obtained an increasing success and manufacturing bags became his job.

The process

Campomaggi ’s bags are obtained with a particular manufacturing process (patented by CAMPOMAGGI & CATERINA LUCCHI): bags are entirely manufactured using precious cowhide leather in its natural colour and afterwards they are washed in drums containing dye and additives especially chosen in order to get their final expected appearance. This “dyed-after-manufacturing” technique gives CAMPOMAGGI bags not only a vintage look, but also makes every single piece unique and inimitable. Nothing is left to chance: the heterogeneous colour on the surface of bags, the almost oxidized fittings are qualities which enrich the product and make it timeless.

Campomaggi bags are the result of a new philosophy of life: a return to origins which shows the way up to future, because looking forward means first looking back and plumb our own depths. Pursuing dreams with perseverance and sacrifice leads victory over the transient to the achievement of true enjoyment.